David Hatmaker, with TrueVue Home Inspections, is on my list of Recommended Home Inspectors that I provide to Buyers I am working with. My criteria is simple: the Inspectors have to be knowledgeable, available and comfortable when working with my customers. Feedback from Buyers who have used David has been so positive, with comments about how quickly he could accommodate their Contracted Guidelines, his professionalism when on-site and that his reports were clean, clear and easy to understand. With feedback like this, David will be on my list of recommended Home Inspectors for years to come!!

Lisa Ann Carter

David Hatmaker has been the Inspector for several of my customers home inspections. I’ve found him to be knowledgeable, thorough, accommodating and professional.

It’s comforting to know that when recommending him, he will provide the level of service expected by both myself and the Buyers. Many thanks David!

Jill Higdon

I appreciate David working on a Saturday to meet an out of town client for a pre-purchase home inspection. His inspection was thorough and efficient, and he took the time to answer the Buyer's questions. The Buyer truly appreciated his Veterans discount that David (also a Veteran) offered!

Jeanne Abernathy

Very detail oriented, friendly and explained everything well. David took his time to explain all of his findings and made sure we were happy with the job. I highly recommend him for any inspection needs! Thanks David!

Wade Giles

David was professional and courteous throughout the inspection process plus offered tips towards property maintenance. Good job David!

Jeanne Sutton

David, We truly appreciate your professionalism, promptness and your working this appointment into your busy schedule.

Paula Markovitz